EINBREW Fermentemp - High-end varmeplate med temperaturstyring

Fermentemp er en programmerbar, temperaturkontrollert varmeplate for gjæring, med to temperaturfølere - én føler for romtemperatur og én føler som tapes inntil gjæringskar eller for termobrønn. Produsert av britiske EINBREW i lekkert pulverlakkert sort.

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FERMENTEMP H2-BK created in a black powder coated mild steel enclosure.

FERMENTEMP heaters control and maintain your primary and secondary fermentation temperatures at the correct level, to help give you a consistent brew. This black power coated model is designed to suit most homebrew setups and can be used for beer, wine, mead, cider and yogurt. Brew and ambient temperatures are measured and your fermentation timed. Lowest and highest temperatures are recorded, so you can be sure your brew has not spoiled due to temperature! You can also set audible alarms for under and over temperatures.

This heated Fermenting tray can accommodate up to four 1 gallon demijohns and can be used with 25/30 litre (6/7 gallon) fermenters.


  • Product dimensions - 340 x 345x 70mm, 3kgs, 13” x 13.5”x 3”, 7lbs.
  • Power Supply Input - 100Vac/60Hz to 230Vac 50Hz.
  • Power Supply Output - 24Vdc/3A.
  • Control precision - +/-1C, +/-1F.
  • Timer resolution - 1 hour.
  • Controller Heating Range - generally ambient +10C or +20F.
  • Heating element - 50W.
  • Probe Lead Length - 1.2m (4ft) approx.
  • Ambient Probe Lead Length - 0.7m (2ft) approx.
  • Mains Lead Length - 1.5m (5ft) approx.
  • Safety/Protection - internal over-temperature cut-out

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