Flaket Ris - 100G - Castle Malting

Flaket ris fra Castle Malting. Pris per 100g. Ved for eksempel 500g, velg 5 stk. Ved 3 kg, velg 30 osv.

PrisNOK3,60 inkl. mva.
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Castle Malting
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Flaket Ris - Castle Malting

Château Rice Flakes are a pre-gelatinized brewing adjunct produced from selected naked rice kernels submitted to the flaking process where the whole kernel is steamed and passed through heated rollers to open the starch structure within the kernel endosperm. Also, Château Rice Flakes have low levels of lipids and proteins, and a high level of carbohydrates that have to be considered in the brewing process.


Château Rice Flakes help to lighten the body and flavor of the beer and refreshing beer with a clean and crisp mouthfeel and beautiful pale color. Château Rice Flakes have a lower color and give a harsher dry finish to the beer compared to Château Maize Flakes. It can be added directly to the mash without milling or prior cooking as it is a pre-gelatinized and flaked adjunct.


American Lagers, American Light Lagers, and light beers. Up to 20% of the grain bill. The Total Diastatic Power of the mash and Lauter Tun filtration bed need to be checked for high levels of Château Rice Flakes.

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