External filter for Grainfather 800 micron - BacBrewing

Nytt, eksternt filter på 800 micron til Grainfather G30, som erstatter det innvendige filteret på maskinen. Produsert av høyeste kvalitet av BacBrewing, Italia. For modeller frem til 2016, må en M14x1 gjennomføring kjøpes separat. Se under.

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External filter for Grainfather - BacBrewing

New filter that replaces the original internal filter of the Grainfather. The problem with the original filter is that if it becomes clogged, the flow decreases considerably, sometimes even reaching total blockage, significantly lowering efficiency, it is also a filter that paradoxically does not filter. In fact, it often happens that coarse parts are not blocked and once they enter the pump impeller they even risk blocking it. If this happens it is a big problem as there is no possibility to disassemble it being directly connected to the vat and the vat is full of must.

With this new filter all this does not happen. The filter has been specifically designed in BacBrewing in such a way as to make it even removable and cleanable with a full pot.

For its use the original filter must not be mounted, to mount the new filter the original bulkhead M14x1 is used

Since the old versions up to 2016 have the M16 bulkhead, an M14x1 bulkhead must be purchased separately.

The article is composed of all the parts necessary to obtain the complete external filtering system

Filter cylinder with 400 or 800 microns of your choice weave obtained from electro-pointed micro-perforated sheet, not mesh.

External cylinder in pyrex borosilicate glass thickness 5 mm

Totally disassemblable, totally built in pickled stainless steel, electropolished and passivated with acids that comply with the most severe USA ASTM 380-967 directive and with materials and procedures that comply with EU MOCA regulations, all welding is performed in Argon TIG.

All silicone parts are made internally in BacBrewing and are FDA certified food grade with resistance from -50 to + 180 ° C

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Veldig fornøyd med dette filteret. Mye enklere enn det originale filteret til Grainfather, som for meg ga noen utfordringer med store humle batches. Kan være greit å teste at det er tett i overgangene mellom glass, metall og pakninger før man fyller på med korn. ;-)

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, 18.08.2021

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