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Komplett filterkit for Speidel Braumeister 20L Plus, som muliggjør optimal filtrering av grove partikler, samtidig som at du får overført ALL vørter til gjæringskaret uten å være nødt til å tilte bryggemaskinen.

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The Springer filter is 150cm long. Everyone will have to cut it to the right length with a normal cutter.
This article is not compatible with the normal version BM 20L.

The filter Springer length 150 cm included.

With this special joint is possible insert a Springer in a Braumeister BM20 without having to make any changes to your Braumeister and without disturbing the malt pipe.

Thanks to this joint besides getting an optimal filtration of coarse particles which escape the basket or malt pipe you have the great advantage to extract ALL the wort.

Output height at which you place the faucet makes 4.8 liters of must not escape if not tilting the BM. The tilt though because the exit of the rough parts, and defeats the deposit.

Thanks to how it´s built the special fitting ALL the wort be sucked without tilting the tank.

The special siding is constructed completely in stainless steel AISI 316 and the article also includes the cap consists of all parts in stainless steel A2

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