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Den nye Hop Spideren til Speidel Braumeister, designet og produsert av BacBrewing. Produsert av 304 rustfritt, 300 micron filter, og designet for enkel rengjøring. Leveres med Kit for Hop Spider BM50.

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Hop Spider av høy kvalitet og fantastisk finish fra italienske BacBrewing. Leveres komplett med Kit for Hop Spider BM50, som holder spideren på plass, og som holder den opp for å la humlen renne av etter kokeslutt.

Innvendige dimensjoner på Hop Spider Medium

D 196mm x H 492mm. Volum 14,85 liter per 1,48 kilo humle (100gr/liter).

Informasjon fra produsenten

Our new Hop Spider is finally on sale! Designed and built completely by BacBrewing™.

Made up of AISI304L stainless steel WITHOUT THE USE OF MESH but using the now famous BacBrewing™ stainless micro-pierced foil which doesn’t snag over time and since there are no crossed wires it doesn’t retain dirt. Dimensions of the filtering cylinder and filtering disks holes 300 micron, the ultimate feature for the use of hop pellets. Another important feature of this item is its structure: it can be completely disassembled and there’s no part through which the dirt can stop. Every welding is completely curled into itself, even the micro-pierced stainless foil has no strips or electrowelded points in which the cleaning can be difficult, easy to dismantle and reassemble for a proper cleaning.

Due to the fact every part has been electropolished, devoid of cracks and can be dismantled, its cleaning doesn’t need aggressive chemicals that can be harmful for the environment, a simple cleanser is enough.

Every single piece of the basket undergoes productive processes and finishing touches enough to make the whole assembly suitable for the food use (stainless-made is not enough to make it suitable) such as pickling, electropolishing and the passivation for which are used some products and methods that follow the ASTM380-967 USA regulation (the most severe globally)

The basket is made up of a AISI304L stainless steel foil laser-cut and calendered, 2mm thickness

The base flange and the flange for the Dry Hop use are laser-cut AISI304L stainless steel foils, with a good 4mm thickness.

The micro-pierced stainless foil and stainless steel are of ITALIAN origin (as the whole stainless steel sold by BacBrewing™)

As you can get by the thicknesses, the basket is very robust and stands up to the comparison with similar products.

As all the BacBrewing™ products this one too is totally made by us with the well-known high quality of the artisanal Italian works.

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