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En optimal whirlpool paddle spesielt tilpasset maskiner opp til 50L, som for eksempel Grainfather. Designet og produsert av BacBrewing, Italia, av høy kvalitet og finish. Gir bedre whirlpool enn Grainfather´s Whirlpool Paddle med mange små hull i bladene.

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Produsert av elektro-polert og passivert AISI 304 rustfritt stål.


Small shovell to run a powerful whirlpool in a short time and effortlessly using a drill or a screwdriver on amounts of must up to 50 liters. For larger quantities go to the large shovel

The shaft Length 60 cm is 10 mm diameter in stainless steel AISI304 full, the 3 pallets are thickness 20/10 are 9cm wide in Inox AISI 304 welded to the shaft at 120 ° between them with a particular shape that does not disturb the bottom and does not cause splashing in the extraction phase. Thanks to the fact that the pallets are three and not two, the whole is balanced, facilitating also the maintenance in the centre of the pot.

Surface Finish Electro-polished, mirror, electro-pickled, passivated.

Once the paddle has been inserted, gradually start the drill while maintaining the speed with the regulator and when the must has reached the peripheral speed, slowly pull out the paddle while maintaining the constant speed. Thanks to the drop shape of the blades you will not have splashes in output.

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