Grainfather Connect Control Box

Grainfather Connect Control Box er en ny kontrollenhet som automatiserer din Grainfather og tilfører en rekke ekstra funksjoner med enkel styring fra iOS eller Android app. Passer alle modeller av Grainfather Connect / G30.

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  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Grainfather for automated brewing. iOS and Android compatible. 
  • Delayed Heating – able to set a time for heating to being e.g. 09:00 Wednesday 14th September
  • Step Mashing – can set up to 4 step mashes
  • Recipes can be imported to the app (eg from Beersmith) and we are also developing a recipe creator for our Grainfather website which will sync with the app.
  • Brewing calculators built in to the application; Mash and Sparge Water, Alcohol by Volume, Mash Efficiency, Refractometer
  • Waterproof graphic display
  • Complete control over the heater power using a modified PID algorithm, gives more accurate temperature control and removes the need for the Element Variation Switch. No longer is the element simply on or off.
  • Fits all Grainfathers currently on the market


App compatible with iOS and Android. Android software will need to be 4.3 or higher and hardware will need to be Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)/Bluetooth Smart. IPhone/IPad software will need to be iOS 8 or higher and the hardware will need to be iPhone 4S or higher (will not be compatible with Windows operating systems).


Nye Grainfathere vil fra november av bli levert med den nye kontrollboksen. Pris på Grainfather vil samtidig bli justert opp tilsvarende prisen på den nye kontrollboksen. Det er derfor ingen grunn til å vente på den nye modellen om du ønsker en Grainfather nå.

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