Speidel #Braumeister 1000L - Bestillingsvare

Den nye #Braumeister 1000 liter! Helautomatisk bryggemaskin fra Speidel med integrert kjølejakke og innebygd pumpe for sirkulasjon av vørteren gjennom maltsengen under hele meskeprosessen. Like enkel å operere som sin lillebror.

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Speidel #Braumeister 1000L

Bestillingsvare, sendes direkte til kunde fra produsent.

  • Helautomatisk kontrollsystem
  • 5" touch-screen kontrollpanel
  • Leveres med kran for å løfte opp maltrøret
  • 1000 liter ferdig normal øl
  • Maltkapasitet på 225 kg
  • 4 x 3000W + 8 x 2,725W varmeelement (33,8kW)
  • 370W pumpe 
  • 2,56m2 integrert kjølejakke. Ekstern kjøler er anbefalt i tillegg.
  • Dimensjoner (LxBxH): 305cm x 180cm x 345cm.

Think even bigger

The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually adjusted recipes and runs through all brewing phases with exact times and temperatures. Lautering is done easily and quickly by lifting the malt pipe with the lifting device included. This way you can carry out the lautering process quickly and without mess.

In addition, the device is mobile and easy to move and the space requirement is minimal. This makes it ideal for restaurants, pubs, events or brewing communities. The low purchase cost and a low price per litre ensure it pays off quickly.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Brewing quantity: 1000 litres of finished beer (normal beer)
  • Max. malt quantity 225 kg

The new touchscreen control

The new automatic control system brews with your own individual recipes and guides you through the brewing process. Recipes and software updates can be synced automaticaly with the integrated wifi. The time and temperature are precisely maintained through all brewing phases. The new touchscreen makes it even easier to operate the Braumeister.

In addition, the large Braumeisters have integrated a new pressure sensor-controlled pump control. The pressure sensor in the pressure line which is connected with the malt pipe allows you to regulate the pump speed via the pressure. The new timer function saves time because, for example, the brewing water can be heated up early in the morning.


  • New control system with touch screen, integrated brewing guide and Wifi for software updates and sync of recipes
  • Pressure sensor controlled pump regulation
Control software:
  • Brewing guide - shows also quantity and kind of raw materials
  • Precise temperature measuring
  • Help informations in the brewing process
  • Pump pauses are adjustable
  • Integrated Wifi for software updates over the air and sync of recipes with MySpeidel
  • Integrated data base of raw materials
  • Timer function - for time delayed brew start
  • Ferment control allows data of the Tilt-Hydrometer
Control hardware:
  • IP 65 water resistant
  • Touchscreen 5"
  • Additional connections 24V and CAN for future accessories
  • Wifi and Bluetooth integrated

Technical details

  • Heating coil: 12 x 3.000 W output
  • Pump: 370 W
  • Power supply connection: 400 V
    (fuse protection min. 63 Amp.)
  • Total power consumption: 38 kW
  • Cooling: 2.56 m2 double jacket surface area,
    an addtional heat exchanger plate is recommended
  • Control system: fully automatic brewing control
    (temperature, time, pump)
  • Vaulted lid with DN 150 connection for extractor fan
  • Max. malt quantity: 225 kg


  • Length: 305 cm
  • Width: 180 cm
  • Height: 345 cm
  • Wooden crate: 310 x 190 x 195 cm (length x width x height)
  • Shipping weight: 980 kg

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