Yeast Brink 1.5" TC x 2" Sight Glass Kit - Norcal

Yeast Brink fra Norcal Brewing Solutions er et flott verktøy for å høste gjær samtidig som at oksygen evakueres for å unngå at ølet blir eksponert for O2. Gir også mulighet for å enkelt gjenbruke gjær fra én tank til en annen. 1,5" Tri-Clamp tilkobling.

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PS! Ønsker du å bruke Yeast Brink for å tilsette humle, så bør det innvendige røret (downcomer) kortes ned med 0,5-1cm for å gi bedre klarering for humlen.

Jaybird™ 1.5 Inch Tri Clover Yeast Brink

with 2 Inch Tri-Clover Sight Glass

(Built-in Exhaust Port)

Our customers constantly challenge us to bring “pro” technology to the home brewer.

Case in point: A customer challenged us to produce a “reinforced” version of our canning jar yeast brinks … ditching the canning jar in favor of a container that is able to withstand much higher pressurization.

“A metal cannister?” we asked.

“No! I still want to be able to see what I’m collecting!”

Challenge accepted!

A bit of history…

To develop the “regular” Yeast Brink family we took our Yeast Harvester with Exhaust Port, which allows displaced canning jar volume to exit the canning jar while yeast (or other contents of the fermenter) dump into the canning jar.

Then we added an extra-large downcomer tube, and added a canning jar.

Bot how to solve the customer’s challenge?

What is strong, durable, heavy duty… and you can see through it?

A sight glass!

The added rigidity transforms this Yeast Brink into a true “Swiss Army Knife”:

  •          Add, remove, and harvest yeast from the bottom of a conical fermenter
  •          Add and remove hops from the bottom of a conical fermenter (*See “Optional” section, below).
  •          Force Carbonate beer inside the fermenter

… All in an oxygen-free environment. And the exhaust port keeps the contents of the fermenter as undisturbed as possible!

At the start of fermentation, yeast love oxygen. You can use this Yeast Brink to:

  •          Oxygenate wort inside the fermenter prior to pitching yeast

Imagine… Taking a conical full of fresh beer wort and injecting yeast into it – yeast that was harvested from a conical that is finished with fermentation!

Imagine… 1) Placing pellet hops in a sight glass... 2) Dumping a beer sample from a conical into the sight glass to dissolve the hops…, then 3) Pushing those hops right back into the conical for dry hopping!

The exit port is a standard Gas Ball Lock post, accepts any standard barbed or flared gas ball lock connector (not included).


  •          2 inch tri-clover cap, gasket, and clamp to seal the bottom of the sight glass
  •          2 inch tri-clover gasket and clamp to attach the Yeast Harvester with Exhaust Port to the top of the sight glass.
  •          1.5 inch tri-clover connection to attach this Brink to the bottom of fermenter. (Gasket and clamp for Brink-to-Fermenter connection is not included).


  •  If hop transfers are your top priority: Consider to shorten the downcomer tube by 1/4" - 3/8”. The shorter tube gives more clearance to better facilitate hop transfers.


  •          Metal components are 304 Stainless Steel
  •          Sight Gauge has internal volume of 10.5 ounces (311 ml)


(På videoen vises Norcal´s opprinnelige Yeast Brink)

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