EINBREW 3V3P - Nano Bryggeri Kontroller (HERMS eller RIMS)

3V3P fra Einbrew er en kraftig kontroller for nano-bryggeri med 3 kjeler og 3 pumper, og støtter at 3 varmeelement på opptil 5,5 kW (230V, 25A) kjøres samtidig. Programmerbar med inntil 9 meskesteg og 9 humlealarmer.

PrisNOK15 650,00 inkl. mva.
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Running your own electric nano brewery is easy with EINBREW 3V3P. Full concurrent management and temperature control for 3 vessels and 3 pumps - back to back brewing.

The 3V3P lets you program mash step temperatures and times as well as hop insertion times - it precisely controls the complete brewing process for you.

Supports three high current heating elements (concurrent use), 3 x pump connectors and 3 x temperature probes and power input lead.


EINBREW EBC offers the best all-in-one control solution for 3-vessel brewing; everything you need to make the greatest beer around.

  • Custom controller lets you setup your brewing recipe before you start, with support for up to 9 mash stages and 9 hop insertions.

  • Compatible with wall or stand mounting so it can be placed at a convenient working height.

  • Automatically controls to your set temperatures, and rests for the time you define.  Custom control algorithm helps to prevent overshoot and oscillation.

  • Temperatures and stages times can be adjusted on-the-fly when brewing, if you notice that things need to change. Also manages cooling stage.

  • Includes a temperature measurement probe for each vessel (3 in total).​

  • Control each vessel independantly for back-to-back brewing support to maximise throughput.

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