Isoleringsjakke til 7.9G FastFerment

Isolasjonsjakke til 7.9G (30L) FastFerment.

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Create Ideal Temperatures

The Insulated Jacket is a system that’s affordable & gets the job done to create ideal brewing & winemaking temperatures in the FastFerment.
It works with the Wall Mounts & with the Stand. In hot climates, add 2L bottles of ice to cool it down, switching them out every 2-5 days. In cool climates, simply add a heating pad. The Insulated Jacket also works with any standard bucket or carboy.

How Does The Insulated Jacket Work?

1. The Insulated Jacket works great up to a 30 degrees F drop below room temperature!
2. It is easy to control the desired temperature by using frozen 2-liter bottles as follows: 
    - One frozen 1-liter bottle will result in a 2.5 degree F drop below room temperature.
    - One frozen 2-liter bottle will result in a 5 degree F drop over below temperature.
    - Two frozen 2-liter bottles will result in a 10 degree F drop below room temperature.
    - Three frozen 2-liter bottles will result in a 15 degree F drop below room temperature. 
    - This method is scalable all the way up to around a 30 degree F drop below room temperature! 
3. A frozen 2-liter bottle typically does not thaw completely in 24 hours so it is easy to maintain a constant temperature drop.
4. The following graph highlights a lager fermented at 53 degrees F in a 68 degree F room. 

For this test, 3 frozen 2-liter bottles were cycled every 24-36 hours. 

Temperatures Example

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