Wallonia Farmhouse Malt (<3,3 EBC) 100G - Bonsak Gårdsmalteri

Wallonia Farmhouse Malt - Premium håndverksmalt fra Bonsak Gårdsmalteri på Skogn i Trøndelag. Produsert av Salome 2-row Barley. Pris er per 100g. Ved for eksempel 500g, velg 5 stk. Ved 3 kg, velg 30 stk osv.

PrisNOK4,40 inkl. mva.
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Bonsak gårdsmalteri produserer premium håndverksmalt av ureist bygg. Hos Bonsak følger bonden kornet helt fra åkeren via malthuset til bryggeren, noe som gjør det mulig å forme helt unike produkt.

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Wallonia Farmhouse - Bonsak malt

Traditional Belgian saisons of the Wallonia region were characterized as low ABV, grainy, grassy, light bodied and for the purpose of quenching the thirst of seasonal workers in the fields with their 3-4 liter daily drinking quota. Our Wallonia Farmhouse malt has been hand crafted to produce aromas of fresh cut grass, hay, raw grain, with earthy and floral undertones. It is slightly under-modified to retain the lightest color and properly represent 200 year old Wallonia farmhouse malt. Designed for usage in saisons & sour beers, but has a wide variety of other usage applications.

We combine traditional methods with modern technology to handcraft quality and consistent unique brewers malt that lie outside the commercial norm. We follow the time honored traditional process of floor malting, producing depth in flavors and aromas unachievable in industrial scale pneumatic malting. Our malts are delivered fresh, retaining the flavors and aromas we work hard to produce.

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